Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Non-Standard Christmas Message

Events lately have resurrected and modified an old idea of mine, namely that for everyone on the planet, there are 60 (blind ballpark figure) people to support them…think of it as 6-10 billion fruit trees that share, only we’re humans, not trees. That said, it depends on us and how we use the technologies that are with us and coming to us. Do we open up and connect? Or do we hunker down and isolate ourselves out of fear? The government and corporations with which we seem to share a love/hate relationship are really only enablers of our collective nature. Look at the Iranian government’s oppression of its own population, and how the whole rest of the world worked together to get the word out and oppose that oppression. It can happen again; albeit so can the opposite. China clamps down hard on its people’s use of the internet, but there exist elements of tech-resistance to that particular oppression, especially out here on the other side of their control.

It comes down to this: Us. What do we allow to be done to ourselves and those who share our lot behind other walls? What do we do with the tools and toys in our own hands? Which is stronger? The good or the bad side of human nature? If, as I hope and suspect, the good is stronger, then the technologies of connectivity will ultimately do for us what we need them to do: allow all of us to financially and emotionally support each other to the very last person on the planet, so that we can all live productive lives of our own reasonable choosing. That’s what I hope for.

Merry Christmas, Everyone. 

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